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Rice Husk Pellets

Rice husk pellets - clean fuel

Product - specific cleaner fuel Vietnam - rice husk pellets.

    With modern technology of automatic production line, our plant presses the hust  with a capacity of 400 to 600 tons / day. We have not only recovered the waste of agricultural production, but also generated clean fuel which is very Vietnamsese. Heat treatment with 4,200 Kcal /kg can be fuel for the plants, such as:thermal power, cement, steel, industrial boilers, textile dyeing, fireplaces ...  and especially for animal feed.

   Production of the rice husk fuel pellet is a great success and shows the creativity of Vietnam's economic and scientific, towards farmers and rural.

    Member husk material used is rice husk after putting straw into the reservoir, mash it  by the dust filter system and transferred to the high pressure compressor, compressed straw member and continue to the refrigeration system to make the member becomes hard, dry, and then packaged and put to use.


Rice Husk Pellets

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